ONE must do what MANY cannot

Especially poignant for those battling illness & their caretakers.

Beauty Near Me


I sat inside of the RV, just watching a lone bird on the telephone wire. One little bird, all alone? Hmmmm. I wondered why she was there all by herself? I’m accustomed to seeing many of them “chirp-chat” together, flutter off and on, making me jealous of their free-spiritedness. The camaraderie is so alluring and playful.

But not today. Today, ONE bird highlighted the soul-space we know as solitude. I guess we’re all familiar with the feeling of being surrounded by many, but realizing that the only voice that can really make a difference in our situation is the one inside of our own head. Sometimes we get confused and we say we’re “feeling lonely”, when in reality we are being confronted with ourselves. Our soul needs and is experiencing SOLITUDE.

I think it’s not so much that we SEEK solitude, but that we find ourselves in the reality of it. Immersed IN it. And in no way would I ever want to diminish…

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